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Chitwan, Dec 22 : CPN (Maoist Centre) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' has said that leadership of the upcoming governments would be rotated between the two leaders of two parties, CPN (UML) and Maoist Centre.

At a news conference in Chitwan today, the Maoist Centre Chairman said that agreement was held to lead the governments interchangeably. 

He also said that this issue would be finalized from the meeting of the party unification coordination committee.

Saying that discussions were held in today's five-party meeting about the single transferrable vote system or majority system for the constitution of National Assembly, the former Prime Minister said discussions were positive though conclusion was not drawn.

"Such discussions are required. Efforts should be continued for an understanding after holding bilateral discussions again," Prachanda said.

Stating that the National Assembly was formed based on transferrable voting system in the past as mentioned in the constitution, Prachanda said that the National Assembly often gets formed on the basis of proportional system internationally and added that Nepal's current constitution has not clearly mentioned anything about this.

He also added that formation of the new government would not be affected as the House of Representatives and National Assembly are two separate entities.

"Process for the constitution of new government would advance once the Election Commission submits the results of the House of Representatives to the President," Prachanda added. There remains no obstacle to form the government as all political parties should comply with the constitutional provision to ensure 33 per cent representation of women.


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