» » RJP-Nepal cadres paint signboard of Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal black

Gaushala, June 14: Rastriya Janata Party-Nepal has today erased the signboard of Jaleshwor-based party office of Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal as well as burned the party's flag.

The RJP-Nepal is on agitation putting forth the demand of constitution amendment before second round of local-level election and has announced Madhes banda for the past two days.

Some 50-60 RJP-Nepal cadres reached the party office of Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal and painted the signboard black and set fire to the party's flag. 

Saying Upendra Yadav participated in the local-level election against the interest of Madhes and Madhesi people,  leader of RJP-Nepal, Mahottari, Sudeep Jha, said that they painted the signboard of Forum black and burned the flag.

Meanwhile, normal life of Mahottari has been completely affected due to the shutdown called by RJP-Nepal.


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