» » DPM Nidhi confident of endorsement of constitution amendment proposal

Chitwan, Dec 7: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs Bimalendra Nidhi has expressed his confidence that the newly registered constitution amendment bill would be endorsed by a two-third majority at the parliament.

      At a press conference organized by Nepal Press Union Chitwan Chapter in Chitwan today, DPM Nidhi announced so, stating that the agitating Madhesi Front is also in favour of it and will be taking part in the voting on the bill in the parliament to ensure its endorsement.

      Responding to the queries of the journalists on approval of the Bill, Nidhi reaffirmed, "It will be approved by overwhelming majority as the bill has been forwarded by the government to consider amendment in the contentious issues like citizenship, language, delineation of federal provinces and the national assembly among others."

      According to him, the special committee would forward the bill at the parliament for deliberation and the endorsement will follow by making amendments in the contentious issues.

He dismissed the claim that the bill is anti-national, claiming that the former Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli had floated the proposal on constitution amendment during his leadership.

DPM Nidhi shared that the Oli-led government had already determined that the mountainous districts be annexed in Province No 4 while the Terai districts be incorporated in Province No 5. 

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