» » Mahato warns of launching agitation if no constitution amendment till Chhath

Biratnagar, Oct 29: Chairman of the Sadbhawana Party, Rajendra Mahato, has said that the constitution amendment proposal should be registered at the Parliament Secretariat immediately.

At a news conference organised by the party here on Saturday, Chairman Mahato shared the information that the Madhesi Morcha would launch agitation if the constitution amendment proposal was not registered till Chhath festival.

He complained for making dillydallying in registering the amendment proposal even after Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal was positive towards this.

Responding to a query, Chairman Mahato expressed the view that political parties backing out from the amendment proposal would not get support of Madhesi people.

Stating that it would not acceptable to them if constitution is amended keeping Jhapa, Morang, Sunsari, Kailali and Kanchanpur districts as disputed districts, he stressed the need of finding out the solution to this issue.

The Sadbhawana Party Chairman suggested retaining the Madhesi majority area in the Madhes Province by dividing the five districts.

Meanwhile in Inaruwa, Chair Mahato stressed the need of forwarding constitution amendment proposal for constitution implementation.

Addressing the regional convention of his party, he said that all achievement gained so far would be lost if constitution is not implemented.  

He further said that constitution amendment along with redrawing the borders of the provinces was necessary for the implementation of the constitution.
Chairman Mahato argued that there was no meaning of restricting the state and local bodies without resolving problems of delineation.

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