» » Elections inevitable for stability of the country: PM Dahal

Kathmandu, Oct 26: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has said that implementing the constitution by winning the trust of the Madhesh-based parties was the need of the hour.

In an interaction with editors of various media at his Baluwatar residence this evening, Prime Minister Dahal said, "election was inevitable for the stability of the country and it is related to the success or failure of the overall democratic process." He also shared that the three major parties were near to an agreement in holding local elections with the second week of coming April.

If local elections are held on time then the provincial and general elections can be held in the same date, he added.

Sharing that maintaining the political balance between Madesh and hills, improving soured relations with neighouring countries, expediting the post-quake reconstruction and holding elections after making constitution acceptable to all sides were the four major priorities in his second term as the Prime Minister, Dahal said uniting the madhesh, hills and mountain region was a challenge before everyone.

Referring to his recent India visit, the Prime Minister said Nepal's proposal for a tri-partite understanding was openly supported by China, while India too did not disagree to  it. "This proposal is in the interest of Nepal, and we need to make it fruitful as it will lead to economic development of our country", he said. He also said that Nepal should support the 'one belt one road' initiative of China.

The Prime Minister said the deal with India in relation to conditions set for construction of the petroleum pipeline will be renegotiated. He denied that it included a clause that said Nepal should import fuel from India for the next 15 years.

      He said that weight of foreign policy is dependent only in the progress of country with political stability and economic prosperity.

Stating that discussion was underway among political parties regarding determining some per cent of threshold for the parties, the PM expressed the view that it would help maintain political stability in the country.

He further said that some changes could be made in delineation, one schedule could be added to the constitution for resolution of dispute regarding language, among others. The Prime Minister shared that preparation was underway to amend four issues of the new constitution. 

Prime Minister Dahal, however, said that although there are different opinions among political parties regarding representation in the national assembly it was not that serious.

Admitting that the impeachment motion against Chief of the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority came up in somewhat peculiar way, he clarified that the discussion over the impeachment motion was postponed for few days based on understanding among political parties in view of coming festival and Nepal visit by the Indian President.

PM Dahal also described as 'unfortunate' the act of the CIAA chief to warn through a press conference to investigate into alleged irregularities in the then combatants camps all of sudden at a time when he was in India for a state visit.

Senior leaders of the three major political parties share the same spirit in concluding the impeachment motion while realizing the need for two-thirds majority in finalizing both the motion as well as the proposal to amend the new constitution. 

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