» » Leader Gautam for action against non-abider of constitution

Kathmandu, Sept 24: CPN-UML Vice-Chairperson Bamdev Gauram has asserted that the state should take necessary action against those non-complying with the national charter of the country.

At a festive greetings exchange programme organized by Pyuthan-Kathmandu Liaison Forum in the capital on Saturday, leader Gautam insisted the need to book those trying to violate the main law of the land within the constitutional parameters itself.

"All should abide by the constitution of the country", he said, noting the need to slap action against those challenge the statute.

Leader Gautam pledged to not allow any change in the territory of any district while drawing the provincial boundary. The constitution amendment process has been taken ahead in a way to weaken the country, he argued, claiming that the constitution would in no way be possible without UML.

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