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Kathmandu, Aug. 8: Leaders from various political parties representing in the parliament have made it clear that there was not any proposal registered at the Legislature-Parliament seeking impeachment of the Chief of the Commission on Investigation of Abuses of Authority (CIAA), Lokman Singh Karki.

  At a programme organized by the Reporters Club in the capital city on Sunday, the leaders of the main political parties reiterated that the proposal registered at the Parliament by lawmakers Gagan Thapa, Shyam Shrestha and Dhanraj Gurung was not the impeachment proposal but just a proposal on the matter of public importance.

They were of the view that any interference should be discouraged in the functioning of the CIAA that stands for the eradication of corruptions in the country.

Stating that it was not appropriate for trying to defame the CIAA at a time when the country is dealing with corruptions, Chairman of the Nepali Janata Dal Hari Charan Saha said that the realm of the rights of CIAA Chief should be increased to check corruptions.

Similarly, CPN-UML leader Dr Bansidhar Mishra claimed that it was a conspiracy hatched against the CIAA to enfeeble the institution by exaggerating the proposal of the public importance registered at the Legislature-Parliament as an impeachment against the CIAA Chief.

      CPN-Maoist Centre's lawmaker Ram Narayan Bidari argued that the proposal of public importance registered by three lawmakers in the parliament was just a proposal seeking broader attention but not a proposal seeking impeachment of CIAA Chief. 

He stated that there is a proper system for the registration of the impeachment proposal and the new constitution has it that the one fourth of the parliamentarians ought to sign in the proposal seeking impeachment against anyone.

      Co-Chairman of the Sadhbhavana Party, Laxmanlal Karna, said that the constitution gas given authority to constitutional bodies including CIAA to carry out works in an independent manner and has also a provision of 'check and balance' over their works, responsibility and rights. Karna added that the proposal registered at the Parliament was the only the proposal of public importance and there was no proposal registered regarding the impeachment against CIAA Chairman Karki.
  On a different note, he said that provinces should be made as proposed by the State Restructuring Commission and it was the bottom-line of the Madhesi Morcha.

      "There was no possibility that the Morcha would join the government until the new constitution was amended," he underscored.

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