» » Borders between Nepal and India will be managed: Minister Subba

            Kathmandu, July 6: Minister for Land Reforms and Management Ram Kumar Subba, responding to the questions raised by lawmakers during discussion on the Ministry of Land Reform and Management under the Appropriation Bill-2073 at parliamentary meeting Wednesday, said that the border between Nepal and India will be managed.

            The Minister also shared that the inspection of the border pillars between the two countries has been carried out and a special survey team was mobilized in eight districts for the management of the same.

            Furthermore, Minister Subba informed the Parliament that a budget amounting to Rs 1.1 billion has been allocated for addressing the issues of the landless squatters in two years, Kamaiya and Halaiya system within three.

            Also, responding to the queries on Ministry of Agriculture in the same meeting, Minister for Agriculture Development Haribol Gajurel said that it was imperative to underscore commercialization, mechanization and modernization of agriculture sector.

            He said that the political parties should seek pardon from the peasants for not emphasizing agriculture.

            The Minister shared to the parliamentarians that the Ministry was all set to expand 21 pocket areas in seven provinces to develop agriculture as an industry and efforts were underway to award pensions to the peasants who don’t keep their land barren.

            He reiterated government's commitment on the formation of the National Farmers Commission.

            Likewise, in the same meeting, Minister for Health and Population Ramjanam Chaudhary said that each province will have trauma centres and the capacity of the government hospital across the nation will be enhanced.

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