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Bhaktapur, June 17: Though no student was termed 'failed' in the SLC results announced Thursday, Office of Controller of Examinations has planned to conduct the supplementary (grade improvement) examinations for 'D' and 'E' grade holders in theory (up to two subjects). 

The exams will be held from July 29.
This time the Office opted the letter grading system in the results and such practice in the 82 years' SLC history is likely to be the 'first and last one' as the latest amendment to the Education Act has  defined the education up to plus two as the secondary level education.

According to Education Ministry's Secretary Bishwa Prakash Pandit, there will be no SLC exams in the future.  The exams of grade 10 (which until known as the SLC)  will be taken under the National Examinations Board, he said. Further decisions on this matter are awaited, he said.

This time, the Office published the SCL results at the 69th day of the completion of exams and this period is the 'shortest' in its history, said Examinations Controller Krishna Prasad Kapri.

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