» » Madheshi Front to sit for talks, sans Alliance: Mahato

Kathmandu, June 24: The disgruntled Madhesh-centric political parties, which have been waging agitation in protest of provisions related to delineation of federal provinces in the new constitution, have expressed their intention to sit for talks with the government but without the Federal Alliance.

Various dissenting parties, including those from the United Democratic Madheshi Front, have been launching capital-centric protest programmes forming Federal Alliance which has 29 constituents.

      In a press meet organized by Sadbhawana Party, one of the constituents of the Federal Alliance, in Kathmandu on Friday, party Chair Rajendra Mahato said so.

      Referencing the effort of the government to send letters to the dissenting parties inviting them for talks as a positive thing, Mahato further said that the Madheshi Front would have considered for the talks if even there was no letter sent by the government for the same.

      Mahato, also former Minister, reiterated, "We would sit for talks to resolve the differences and would not buy time waiting for the government's gesture for same."

He was of the view that the Madheshi Front-waged agitation in several districts in Terai cost lot of lives and the Front was at the helm of the Tarai movement. Hence, the party's decision to join the government for talks had nothing to do with the Alliance.

Leader Mahato argued that the political demands put forth by them would only be addressed through talks but the government should create environment favourable for the same by considering pre-conditions for talks.

Demands in the pre-conditions that were incorporated in the letter sent to government in response to its invitation to Alliance for talks are declaring the deceased during the Terai agitation as the martyrs, bearing the medical treatment of those injured during the agitation and dismissing the false cases lodged against the cadres of the Madheshi Front among others.

Similarly, Sadhbhawana Party's Secretary-General Manish Suman shared that the Madheshi Front would sit for talks without the constituents of the Alliance.

He added that the parties in the Front were positive on this notion of the Front.

Likewise, Sadbhawana Party has nominated the heads of various 32 departments within the party among which Mahato has been named the head of the political department and Vice-Chairman Laxman Lal Karna in the Organization Department, it was shared.

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