» » MPs from Madhes-centric parties protest government apathy

Kathmandu, 4 May: Speaking in the Legislature-Parliament meeting today, lawmakers from the Madhes-centric parties accused the government of overlooking their justified demands.
      Taking time from the Speaker, they said that they had to resort to agitation as the government did not pay attention to resolving the Tarai-Madhes problem although it harped on doing so through talks and dialogue.
      Reiterating that the government and the major political parties were not willing to address the genuine demands of the agitating Tarai-centric parties, the lawmakers from these parties also said that they were conscious that nobody should trouble the country and the people.
      MPs Sarbendranath Shukla and Laxman Lal Karna drew the attention of the government to forthwith address the demands of the Madhesis, nationalities and indigenous communities.
      MP Aiendra Sundar Nembang mentioned about the increasing incidents of forest fires and shortage of drinking water plaguing the different districts in the eastern part of the country and urged the government to address these problems.
      MPs Anuradha Thapamagar and Durga Poudel demanded that the government itself make arrangement for constructing houses for the earthquake survivors who have no alternative for shelter. They also expressed dismay over life of the people not returning to normal even after five months of the lifting of the undeclared border blockade.
      MPs Jayadev Joshi and Milan Kumari Rajbanshi strongly called on the government to speed up the reconstruction works so that the earthquake victims will have shelter before the onset of the rainy season. They also alleged that the Ministry of Forest has failed to contain the numerous forest fires raging in the country.
      MPs Seema Kumari BK and Hari Charan Saha stressed the need of implementing the new constitution and institutionalising the republic
      MP Ram Kumar Rai suggested the agitating parties to rather propose amendment to the constitution on issues that they do not like than outright protesting the constitution and going for agitation. He also called for full utilisation of the assistance given by the foreign countries and donors to the earthquake victims.
      MPs Kumar Khadka and Janak Raj Joshi expressed their dissatisfaction at the government's performance with regard to the post-quake reconstruction and rehabilitation.
      MP Rabindra Adhikari objected to what he called the 'game' of government change that the political parties have started talking of recently at a time when they should be working together to resolve the national problems and providing relief to the earthquake survivors and gearing up the reconstruction works.

      MPs Nabindra Raj Joshi and Shyam Kumar Shrestha (Kavrepalanchok) slammed the government for its failure to construct shelters for the earthquake victims even after a year of the devastating earthquake, while Shyam Kumar Shrestha (Ramechhap) stressed on unity among the major political parties for implementing the constitution and carrying forward the reconstruction works in an effective manner. 

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