» » 50 water wells go dry in Mahottari

Gaushala, 5 May: With a steady rise in temperature and prolonged drought, sources of drinking water have started drying out in the northern Mohottari, pushing the normal life into difficulty.

So far 50 groundwater wells in Ramnagar VDC have gone dry, causing an acute shortage of drinking water in the village.  Likewise, water- level in others remaining wells has significantly receded, according to VDC former chair Ganga Prasad Mahato.

The Ramnagars folks are forced to visit the nearby village or the market to manage for the drinking water.

Besides Ramnagar, people of Kisannagar, Bijalpura, Hattilet, Laxminiya, Belgachhi, Pashupatinagar, Bardibas and Gaushapa are hit by the shortage of drinking water in this dry season. 

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