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Parsa, April 23: Steady rise in temperature in the Tarai region has pushed the people here into the risk of suffering heat stroke.

The region has wintessed a sudden rise in temperature since the third week of March and heatwave is sweeping across the region, increasing the risk of sunstrke among the locals.

One may sufffer execessive sweating which may result in dehydration and heatstroke in case of exposure to sun, doctors said.    The temperature in the mid Tarai districts including in Bara and Parsa has exceeded 41 degree centigrade.

 Headache, excessive sweating and faintness are symptoms of a heatstroke and anyone with such symptoms needs immediate medical attention, senior physician Dr Uday Narayan Singh said. Patients with asthma, diabetes, kidney disease, and aged citizens and children with low immune are vulnerable to heatstroke and they need to be extra careful in the hot days.

Heat stroke may result in the death of a patient in case of lack of timely treatment, added Dr Singh.

Intake of more liquid including water, fruit juice and soup, and remaining indoors in day time have been suggsted for the prevention of heatstroke, according to Birgunj-based Narayani Sub Regional Hospital's senior physician Dr Manoj Gupta.  He suggested the people wear thin and cotton  garments, carry an umbrella or cover scalp with a cloth during outing in this season.  

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