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Pokhara, 1 March: Chairman of Federal Socialist Forum Nepal Upendra Yadav has said that struggle for identity in the country is going on.

At a programme in Pokhara on Monday, Yadav argued that his party was supposed to go for struggle to bring the marginalised class and community into the state’s mainstream.
Chairman Yadav also accused the government of not being ready to meet the demands of Madhesi, indigenous and backward communities.

Likewise, senior leader of the party Ashok Kumar Rai said that Nepal’s indigenous communities have not got their state though they have the nation. On the occasion, he pledged to continue the efforts to ensure equality and justice and keep the glorious history of different communities high.

Co-chairman of the party, Rajendra Shrestha, in-charge of Federation of Ex-Army and Police and other speakers expressed their opinion on the occasion. 

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