» » I request Dr CK Raut Chandra Raut to clear my doubts:

1. How you claim that u r following the path of Mahatma Gandhi's Swaraj movement? MK Gandhi played a pivotal role to unite 561 princely states to give birth to a new nation, I.e.Bharat. But your politics is contrary to it as you r for separation .

2. Rather I find u in position of Mohammad Ali Zinnah who gave birth to Pakistan , safe haven for terrorism & Zihad.

3. You only talk about post-1816 Sugauli Treaty . What was the position of  Madhesh prior to 18th Century ?

4. It seems that u study texts on behalf of your all cadres. They just listen u and attains knowledge on age-old Gurukul tradition system of "Shruti & Smriti'. Why u dont let ur entire cadres make a reading of texts on their own? Or , u fear from would be-consequences of literate cadres? Or your cadres r lazy enough?

5. Before the Judicial Magistrate and competent courts you assert that u r never in favor of separation rather integration . Don't u make frequent falsified claims just to get  evaded from arrest ?

6. You say "We r competent to wrest Madhesh from Nepal". How? What u did for Madhesh ?

7. Aren't u befooling the innocent Madheshi youths ? Spreading Utopean dreams for what ?

8. Last time u said u will protect the dignity of Madheshi mothers n sisters for sure from the date when Madhesh would become an independent nation. Why not from today ?

9. You say u be allowed to enjoy freedom of speech . Then why u r cadres not letting others to enjoy the same ? When any eyebrows raised against u, ur cadres come down heavily against them. What kind of Democratic process is it ? Isn't it fascism?

10. Time n again u claim yourself of being next Gandhi . How ? Gandhi's soul has been transplanted in u?

11. You say u want defection of Madhesh from Nepal . You feel proud to introduce yourself as a Madhesi than Nepali . Then why r u using Nepali passport n citizenship yet?

12. R u really a Gandhi or Mohammad  Ali Zinnah or a separatist ?

Kindly reply .

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