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Mahendranagar (Dhanusa), March 6: The people of Dhanusha felt proud when the government officially declared democratic fighter from their locality Durga Nanda Jha a martyr few days back.

He was recognised as a martyr by the state after 52 years of his execution for fighting against the direct rule imposed by the then King Mahendra, dissolving the first people-elected government on December 15, 1960.

Jha was put to death on January 2, 1964 for throwing a bomb at former King Mahendra during his  religious trip to Janakpur on February 8, 1962.  Jha was born  to Dev Narayan Jha and Sukumari Devi on April 26, 1942 at Jatahi village in the district.

'Sacrifice Day' is observed in Janakpur on 15th Magh in the Nepali calendar every year in memory of Jha.

Earlier, the Dhanusha folks including family members of Jha were demanding that he should be given the status of martyr.  

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