» » Conspiracy afoot against Nepal-China trade deal: Bijukchhe

Bhaktapur, March 5: Nepal Workers and Peasants’ Party (NWPP) Chairman Naryanman Bijukchhe today accused the Indian government of conspiring to forestall Nepal’s attempt to seal a trade deal with China.

Launching a book Bhaktapur Ko Kisan Andolan Ko Artha Rajnitik Bishleshan (Politic-Economic Analysis of Peasants Movement of Bhaktapur) penned by Suresh Bakhunche at a programme organized by Youth Society for Social Welfare at Surya Binayak, the NWPP Chair charged that India was currently using some individuals in the government in its plot.

At the programme, author Bankhunche shed light on the book’s content related to the peasant revolution. 

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